A dream, an idea, a fresh start….

We welcome you to “Sali Boutique Hotel”! Let us treat you and tour you of our facilities. Let’s live the experience! Sali a name that comes from ancient times making its own history even today.

Once upon a time, a boarding house was situated in Alexandroupolis  where people had been hosted by the time its door closed….Years later, the cracking door reopens to make our dream come true! Having started with great enthusiasm, we managed to create a cosy and picturesque hotel for our guests to enjoy!

It opened to welcome you and arouse all your senses with bright colours, peaceful melodies, magical smells, traditional tastes and the touch of the decoration materials.

What makes “Sali” unique?

Undoubtedly, the warmth and coziness you feel on arrival as you are welcomed by our friendly staff who are looking forward to treating you spoon sweets as well as offering warm towels with lavender to leave behind stress and tiredness. Then,  you are led to the room that suits your preferences. Every room is uniquely decorated and scented.

Every visit to “Sali” is a different one as our goal is to fulfill your expectations. We are looking forward to welcoming and meeting you so as to live the “Sali” experience together.

Take a tour in our Hotel

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